Why we refer to Piano Tiles?

By | February 19, 2022

Music makes our soul happy. It is a fact. We are all very clear that melodies and harmonies can make a grey day better. Being able to enjoy this pleasure between games and applications for our mobile phones is an advantage that we cannot miss. Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited studios developed a platform that allows us to play, in a very simple way, our favourite songs. We refer to Piano Tiles. Although it became popular with its original version, the alternative released as Piano Tiles 2 brings a wide variety of improvements to this free Android and iOS game.

Downloading Piano

Downloading Piano Tiles will give us endless possibilities to relax and listen to our favourite songs. The game has more than two hundred classical, modern, and unpublished piano melodies that will make us discover unique pieces. To make them sound, we just have to dedicate our efforts to pressing on the squares that appear in a different colour. Sometimes all you must do is tap once, while other times you must keep your finger on the indicated square. The colours to press appear coordinated with the melody that sounds in the background.

Installing Piano

As mentioned above, installing Piano Tiles is free of charge and offers in-app purchases within the platform. The elements that can be purchased starting at €0.49 and go up to €10.99 in its highest value version. The improvements for sale are diamonds, which allow us to buy new songs, special packages, a premium version of the game or boxes to resurrect and can play the song again. Another of the possibilities that we will have will be to pay to remove the ads that can sometimes be somewhat annoying and repetitive.

Dynamic experience

Piano Tiles presents a graphic section that is not at all complex with an interface designed to make the experience dynamic, agile and comfortable. Each level will increase in speed as our performance improves, continually increasing the challenge of the app. If you are very good and want to compete against other fans of music and virtual instruments. You will have the opportunity to measure your skills with other friends. Users from all over the world. The audio of the songs is very well developed. You will not notice the difference between the pieces of your favourite artists that you play at home.

The game created by Amr is constantly updated so you never run out of material to show off your skills as a musician. Piano Tiles allows us to connect with our Facebook accounts which allows us to add friends to the experience and share all our performances.

This wide variety of possibilities to enjoy the experience shows that we will have hours and hours of fun and melodies guaranteed.


The application can be installed in many languages including Spanish, German, Chinese, French, English, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.

In April 2014 Piano Tiles was the most downloaded app on mobiles, a fact that makes it clear that we are facing one of the best options to download on mobiles when thinking about free, entertaining, and quality proposals.

Being able to play applications dedicated to music on our terminals is even better. With Piano Tiles, we find ourselves before a light, easy and simple proposal. The app promises hours and hours of entertainment and relaxation while we practice our favourite topics. The possibility of installing it free of charge makes it more than accessible even if we have to spend a few minutes looking at ads. In any case, if we wish, we can make an expense so that the musical experience on our phone is even better.

Piano Tiles is a game where the goal of the player is to touch the black tiles as they appear from the top of the screen while avoiding the white ones. When you touch each black tile, the sound will play the piano. In a short space of time, he creates famous compositions and works. If a player touches a white tile, the player loses the game, and this will be signalled by the off keynote. Each level defeated unlocks the next one with new songs. The first level song is Little Star.

Save game

You can log in to your Facebook account to save game progress and share your guide data only across multiple devices.

Arcade mode The tiles on the screen move automatically and the player must follow the rhythm. The game lasts until a tile between them is skipped or a white tile is touched. It contains a wide range of variants, all of them in a similar model known as Arcade + Mode.

Zen Mode There is a specific time limit. The player can try to push as many squares as possible before the time runs out. Just like in classic mode, the screen moves at the rate the black tiles are pressed.

Rush mode the screen scrolls automatically, just like in arcade mode. The scrolling speed gradually increases, and the player is forced to touch the tiles at an ever-increasing rate.


– Don’t click on the white keys!

– Click only on the black ones to the rhythm of the music.

– Focus and play!



– Simple proposal

– A constantly updated list of songs

– Weekly and daily challenges

– Free download


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