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Call of Duty: Then and now.

Next year, the Call of Duty series will turn nearly 20 years old. Since 2003, the series, one way or another, regularly released new projects. Every year we were waiting for either a new game or a major addon, the size of an entire game. How far has the series gone over the years and… Read More »

Amazon cut the potential of New World?

New World: walking and mining simulator. It’s an unbalanced MMO where players slowly and tediously level up. Same location, same enemies. Clumsy PVP system. And only a select group will have the opportunity to participate in a mass event in the “wall to wall” format. All this, as well as giant queues at the entrance… Read More »

Spider-Man: The evolution in video games.

Games based on comics can be compared to movies based on games. When creating such projects, the authors often do not try to come up with an interesting story or develop an existing universe, they usually just want to make money on an already popular name. And if attempts to recreate game universes on the… Read More »

The Most Top Fun game Helix Jump

On many occasions, we can see new games among the top of the download lists, which burst with great force, even though, for example, their graphics are nothing to write home about and even in some cases leave a lot to be desired. However, sometimes simplicity makes some games become true phenomena. An example is… Read More »

Bitmoji: an app that reflects you

Bitmoji is an application that permits you to make custom Emoji of yourself that you can use to show one kind of examines your discussions. Created by Bit strips in 2007, it was initially committed to making computerized funnies utilizing custom symbols. Seeing the repercussion that these characters were acquiring, in 2016 the application was… Read More »

In Gears 5 changes: Increasing our level of slaughter

It is placed among the best games and applications of this genre and now opens this universe to another dimension. In its previous titles, the objective was clear, to reach the end of each one of the screens killing all the bugs that were within range in an endless corridor. That rarely raised the question… Read More »

Mobile Legends is to copy the equipment of a global

Mobile Legends is one of the great phenomena of MOBA-type games and applications. If what you want is to know what it is about playing Mobile Legends, you are in the right place. A MOBA is an experience that consists of waging a multiplayer online battle or war, usually 5 against 5. You must kill… Read More »

Ludo Club most trending game in the world.

We all seek to have fun since always in our history, many of the ancient civilizations have records of the presence of different types of entertainment methods. Among the most iconic and enduring games over the years we find Ludo. Ludo means “I play” in Latin and is a strategic board game for two to… Read More »