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Halot-One: What is its new ILS Illumination technology capable of?

Light source We have already talked about Creality’s new lighting technology several times, and perhaps we will tell you more. Halot-One, like other printers in the series, is equipped with 12 120W light sources. The light sources themselves are not located under the screen, as in other photopolymer printers. This is what makes Creality technology… Read More »

Companies: 10 Promising Companies to Invest in Technology

The technology sector is growing all over the world: If ten years ago only the oil and gas industry was on the list of the most valuable companies in the world, now it is exclusively technology companies. Together with the crypto exchange, we have selected 10 promising companies that could potentially be worth more… Read More »

Metaverse: A new hype Among startups.

In July of This Year Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook should be seen as a metaverse. This term is increasingly used in the speeches of the leaders of large technology companies. Niko Kharchilava, the manager of the ICLUB private investor club, in an AIN.UA column understands what the metaverse is, what criteria it has, and… Read More »

Crypto-assets should be complete, Consistent, and Coherent.

In recent years, the volume of crypto assets and related products and services has increased rapidly. In addition, their interconnections with regulated financial systems are growing. Policymakers struggle to control the risks posed by this emerging sector. Where many activities are unregulated. We accept that these monetary steadiness dangers may before long become foundational in… Read More »

Chinese Government generously endows Chinese tech firms with Land.

US-born freestyler Eileen Gu became the darling of the Chinese public during the Winter Olympics in Beijing. China itself has produced many champions of its thanks to the ” jugum ” (i.e., “whole country”) sports training regimen. Today, China is adopting “jugum” approaches – directing large resources towards achieving a strategic goal or building national… Read More »

Market: Transferring sales from Instagram to Ozone.

I’ll start positively – I hope this will cheer you up a little. Instagram store owners have a good chance of switching to the market and achieving high sales. This is because good content plays a critical role in the competition right now. Photos, video reviews, text descriptions – everything that sellers have worked on… Read More »

Tech: Forecasts from Foreign Experts.

2021 is over – and we have already told you what new technologies surprised us. This time, Liga. Tech has concentrated on the conjectures of investigators from everywhere in the world and distributes the most fascinating tech for conventional buyers. Home robot revolution The Guardian does not promise that the uprising of domestic robots will… Read More »

How will compensation be Calculated on Deposits?

The National Bank of Kazakhstan has given clarifications regarding the mechanisms of the Tenge Deposits Protection Program. A correspondent of the Kapital. kz business information center reports. Recall that on February 24, 2022, the government and the National Bank published a joint statement on the Tenge Deposit Protection Program.  Which provides for the payment of… Read More »

Wireless Charging: How Does its Work And Where Its used?

In 1893, the legendary scientist Nikola Tesla first transmitted electricity over a distance in a non-contact way at the Chicago World’s Fair. A year later, he lit a phosphor incandescent lamp in the laboratory without any wires. Just over a hundred years have passed since then, and the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction has been used… Read More »

Express Editor and utilizing Photos app

Photos are not just what we see on interpersonal organizations, they are considerably more or better, the cycle behind them is substantially more confounded. To start with, we should say that a photograph is a still picture acquired through a course of recording, determination lastly projection in an optical framework on a photosensitive surface. The… Read More »