Pet Rescue Saga is addictive and well-known web application

By | February 19, 2022

Pet Rescue Saga is a well-known web application. It was built by the same creator as Candy Crush Saga. It is quite similar in terms of aesthetics and follows the same vein, except for its purpose and goal.

As an initial presentation, we have, like the Candy Crush iPhone application, not a board but a path of levels that runs through a magical field, that wonderful and somewhat magical field has a waterfall, a cat and giant mushrooms, a castle, and a turkey in the hat and the clock. As we progress through the game the field transforms into a city with some giant animals.

The objective of Pet Rescue Saga

The objective of Pet Rescue Saga varies a bit from level to level, but one thing is certain: the user must match blocks of the same color at least two after turning them off by clicking on them with the mouse, the more blocks the clear player, more score gets at the end of the level.

The Pet Rescue Saga is quite fun and addictive. Suffice it to say that the animals are passed around That the user has the function, on several levels, to save their lives. Besides that, this is a strategy game, and the user has to think with a certain number of moves to get the correct block joints, get a maximum number of points and clear the entire game screen.

This game implies that the user has contact with the other players. Lives and unlocks for some levels are only achieved through your friends.

This game has some nice sound effects that you can hear when you match the boxes of the same colors. But for each given combination, different sound effects can appear, for example, when you do a simple combination of the two cubes, the number of dots will animate and zoom out with some sound effect for that in the background. When you make bigger matches like clearing blocks, there will be different sounds and more visual effects. Some themes will support the message to complete a level.


After each level, some statistics will appear on the screen with an intuitive button to share your score on the Facebook platform and how good your performance was, and the index of the previous level. Before starting the next level, you will see a simple leveled roadmap animation, and then another quick menu will appear with the instruction of what to do in the next challenge.

Changes include things like reaching a certain amount of score and rescuing 3 pets, for example, so pay attention to these kinds of rules to levels as you go. In the game, you will see that there are many different types of power-ups and tools and additional information on how to use them. Keep an eye out for all kinds of premium boxes with multiplication signs that can increase your score results.

The structure can be very different at the beginning of the game, you can easily underestimate it and think that it is only made up of cubes that need to match and nothing easy, but as we said before, sometimes some obstacles can only make you think More logically, how saving the pets if this is the focus of the game.


The obstacles can be in the form of some tragic things that remain between the cubes and maybe it looks like a structure, but you will see that they do nothing. On the other hand, you have things like bombs that are interactive, so don’t touch them, you’ll see them rounded. You can also see the bomb that is in some glass cubes, but again it’s easy to recognize them, so don’t worry, these glass cubes will be destroyed after the collision and then the bomb will be left alone.

And again, after completing the level, you will see the short, animated trailer that represents how you move on the game map. All levels are separated into episodes, which means that there are only a few levels in an episode. But just like many other games, you can compete with other players and get on with some cool challenges.

Pet Rescue Saga web application

Throughout the Pet Rescue Saga web application. The user will notice that they will have to go through various challenges at different levels. Just like the Candy Crush Saga application for the iPhone. In the initial level, for example, the user must fulfill a goal, clean more than 80% of the blocks, thus saving two little pigs that are on top of all the blocks. Only then will the user be able to move on to the next level. Going through other levels, the objective varies. Some ask the user to save the “X” number of animals that are on top of all the blocks. Other levels require the player to have a minimum number of points and clear a certain percentage of blocks. As in most games, the degree of difficulty is getting more and more difficult.

The user starts their game with 5 lives which can be visible at the top of the game screen, in the shape of a heart. He must fulfill all the tasks requested at each level. If he doesn’t, he will lose a life, regardless of whether he has fulfilled one of them.


-Keep in mind the objectives of the stage

-Learn how to use the rockets

-Analyze the obstacles

-Try to free blocked items as soon as

possible -Explode bombs and balloons at the right time

-Sealife only for friends who play Pet Rescue Saga



– This is a game in which several tricks are developed

– It can contribute to the psychomotor development and spatial orientation of the students,

– A very useful aspect for younger students.

– No violence involved



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