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By | April 5, 2022

Have you ever wondered who is the most talkative person in your group chat? Who starts the most conversations? What words are commonly used? Have you ever hoped for a great chart of when you and your special someone will talk most of the day?

Analyze your WhatsApp chats as fast as possible with Chat Analyzer and find out!
Just export the chat and send it to the app: we’ll do all the work. You’ll see great statistics and graphs about your conversation, with all sorts of useful information. Of course, your data remains with you: we do not read, store or sell it.

It’s fun to have a way to scientifically prove that your specialist speaks the most and lists all the necessary data!

All this information with data and graphs is displayed on one page, so you can easily save, send or share with other users

Chat statistics do not require special permission to operate. The analysis was performed only without internet access or device data

Steps to get statistics for each WhatsApp chat using “Chat Statistics”:

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Open individual or group chat
  • Click Chat Options, the three dots that appear on the right
  • Click Export Chat
  • Select Export Without Media Files
  • To export chat, select “Chat statistics”.

Another option: the chat previously exported to a .txt file can also be analyzed, simply select it in the file manager and open it using “Chat Statistics”

Chat analysis can be performed via chat or between two dates by selecting the Analyze by date option

The View Entire Chat option allows you to quickly view and search the entire conversation

The Find Messages option allows you to instantly search for messages that contain text, by date, or by the user.

In addition to statistics generation, visualization, and quick chat search, there are 2 other useful features for WhatsApp:

Open a conversation with a phone number. This option allows you to create/open a new WhatsApp conversation from the recipient’s phone number without adding it to the old contact list.

Open a personal conversation for notes. With this option, you can even create/open a new WhatsApp chat using your own phone number. The chat is created with the user, without anyone, for use as a laptop or to store photos, videos, audio, documents, and locations.

These created chats can be used to access WhatsApp after sending the introductory message without having access to “chat statistics”

“Chat Stats” was developed with the simple goal of learning to create applications for Android and satisfy the enthusiasm for the world of statistics and fun programming. As well as spending free time during pandemics and quarantine.

WhatsApp is a registered trademark of WhatsApp Inc.
This application is not affiliated in any way with WhatsApp Inc.

  • ChatStats was developed as a free application and has no ads
  • ChatStats does not have internet access
  • ChatStats does not transmit chat data over the Internet or to a remote server, all analysis is performed only on the local device.
  • Chat analysis and quick job search browsing are completely offline. If you’re particularly concerned, you can disable your Internet connection before importing the chat file.
  • ChatStats does not have permission to access other data or services on the device
  • ChatStats simply reads the TXT file, analyzes or formats the chat data, and displays the result to the user
  • ChatStats does not store or share chat content with other services


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