Chat Tracker App For Android

Want to learn more about the online activities of the people you love or who they text in their messaging apps with? Now you can do it fast!

Chat Tracker is a complete tool for tracking the use of WhatsApp in one place and your reliable helper in checking how much time your loved ones spend chatting on WhatsApp and when they are online.

Key features of Chat Tracker:

  • Monitoring 24/7

Watch WhatsApp online all day and night, even if the last thing you saw was hidden.

  • Last online report

Get detailed reports for analyzing WhatsApp usage patterns.

  • Immediate notifications

Get real-time alerts when a contact you follow becomes online or offline on WhatsApp.

  • Multiple contact tracking

Check the last displayed states of multiple numbers at once to verify that they are communicating.

  • Easy to use

Simple and useful design, a seamless tracking process, and intuitive navigation will make your experience fun and easy.

  • 24/7 support

If you have any questions or concerns, we will be happy to help and support you as soon as possible.

  • Free trial

Try Chat Tracker for free for 3 days and try its unlimited functionality, without strings.

Do you want to control your own online activity and the time you spend on WhatsApp? Or are you a caring parent who wants to find out if your kids are online on WhatsApp so they can effectively manage their time on the screen and improve their well-being?

Chat Tracker as the best combination of easy-to-use and use parental control features is exactly what you need. Chat tracking is for family or business use only, so please read our terms and conditions.

Chat Tracker does not abuse the privacy policy or the terms of the WhatsApp service in any way. We do not have access to your personal data: we only report information that is publicly available.

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