PUBG MOBILE, is the optimized adaptation of the popular Battle Royale

By | February 19, 2022

Launched in 2017 by Tencent Games, it became one of the most downloaded games of the year, this made the company bet on this type of application and have.

PUBG MOBILE is an online game, so an Internet connection is required to play. It is available in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store, although it is not compatible with all phones. In Android, you must have 2GB of RAM available and about 900 megabytes of free space and have version 4.3 of the Google system. In Apple, it is a little less what it occupies, and it is compatible with version 9.0 of iOS. It is the heaviest game in the entire catalog, making its graphics not fully appreciated on some devices.


Like its older brother, in PUBG MOBILE the mission is to survive in an all-against-all online fight in which you have nothing to defend yourself with and your main objective is to search for weapons to survive in battles of up to 100 players in a shrinking space. If losing is not your thing, you may have to lean towards other games or train a lot to become a winner in PUBG MOBILE.

PUBG MOBILE is a free download application, but it has a series of rewards that help you earn coins to overcome a series of challenges that will make combat less cumbersome, such as the possibility of buying clothes and not having to go looking for them in the field of battle while being attacked by other players.

Each game lasts about 30 minutes depending on how skilled you are, if you manage to stay on your feet if this is not the case you can finish your game from the moment you land. Because that’s how the battle begins in PUBG MOBILE, dropped by parachute at a specific point on an island that will decrease over time, another handicap along the way, which forces us to be closer to each other and not have space to defend ourselves until the moment of the final fight in which it is a deadly face to face.

One feature is that if at the time the field is reduced you are not in the remaining area, life will be removed little by little, the smaller the battlefield, the faster life will be removed, so it is important to be in the marked area, especially at the end of the game, because you will lose your life quickly.

Pubg Mobile features

PUBG MOBILE features three maps: Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. Miramar is a desert, located in Mexico, and its strength is based on the difficulty of finding rewards in such open areas.

Which, as their names suggest, depends on whether you feel prepared to face the fight alone or with the company. For beginners, we find the most basic model, the training mode, which, as its own indicates, helps to improve the technique. And for the most daring there is the war mode, where you can play quick games in which it reappears non-stop throughout the game. Each one is different from the others and has its peculiarities.

The controls in PUBG MOBILE adapt to the device screen, being fully customizable, from handling weapons to how to drive a vehicle, making it easy for the user to handle.

PUBG MOBILE has managed to adapt its original game for all budgets, notably maintaining the action and adrenaline in its battles.

As far as the game is concerned, we find a game that will more than likely convince you from the start. And it is that once you get together with 99 other players, where only wins, and everyone wants to kill you, the fun can not have limits.


– Battle Royale games are here to stay, and one of their references is PUBG MOBILE, which we are very afraid you will not be able to stop playing

– Be careful in the first moments of the game, and maybe you can think about victory more sooner rather than later

– Don’t neglect your back, or trust anyone. Do not forget that there will only be one winner and if it is you, it will not be the one who seems to be helping you.


– The fun in PUBG MOBILE is practically infinite, and we are already telling you that winning a game will be something that you will have to work very hard for

– Downloading this game is free, a great advantage, although integrated purchases, such as is usual, are present throughout the game

– You can choose between its different game modes and choose between fighting alone, in pairs, or a squad

-Different maps, with their different characteristics, each one different from the others.



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