Market: Transferring sales from Instagram to Ozone.

By | March 16, 2022

I’ll start positively – I hope this will cheer you up a little. Instagram store owners have a good chance of switching to the market and achieving high sales. This is because good content plays a critical role in the competition right now. Photos, video reviews, text descriptions – everything that sellers have worked on Instagram and that they are well versed in will not disappear anywhere. On the contrary, all these developments, with the right approach, will form the basis of sales on the World Bank and Ozone and will help you stand out from other sellers who did not care much about filling their product cards.

Why should you switch to market?

Now, to be in touch, Instagram sellers are trying to transfer the audience to other social networks. networks, for example, in VK or Telegram. This is a good approach, but, unfortunately, only 5-10% of people oversubscribe. That is, other social networks will have to recruit an audience almost from scratch. At the same time, the clear advantages of other social There are no networks in front of Instagram for sellers.

But if we consider the transition to marketplaces, then there are several advantages:

  • Immediately there is an opportunity to trade throughout Russia and the CIS countries;
  • There is access to a new audience and customers – they will see your product offerings;
  • More advertising and marketing opportunities aimed specifically at increasing sales, not subscribers;
  • If there is content, then the transition can be arranged very quickly.

What are the schemes of work?

Without going into details, there are 3 main schemes for working with marketplaces:

Sale from the marketplace warehouse – when the seller has a finished product and sends it to the warehouse, and the marketplace itself is responsible for delivery to the buyer;

Sale from the seller’s warehouse, but with delivery through the sorting center of the marketplaces – when the seller receives an order, prepares the goods and sends them to the marketplace, and the marketplace itself is already involved in the subsequent delivery. This option works well for large cities because the goods are not transported to the central warehouse, but the point of issue is assigned to the seller. How close the point will be located to the seller depends on the city. For example, in Moscow, there are many of them, but in some small towns, there are none. The entire list of Ozone reception points in Moscow can be found here. Collection points in other regions are collected here.

Sale from the seller’s warehouse, but with delivery directly to the buyer – similar to the previous paragraph, but delivery is carried out immediately directly to the buyer from the seller’s warehouse. Suitable in cases where you need fast and careful delivery, for example, flowers.

What products should I go to Ozon and Wildberries with?

We are official technology partners of Ozon and are engaged in withdrawal and technical support for working with the market for free. In our experience, there are categories of goods with which there will be no difficulties at all with any of the work schemes. And there are products where you need to think about which scheme is best to choose and how to set up the work.

Without any nuances and restrictions, you can leave with any consumer goods that are in your warehouse and do not require a special storage regime, for example:

  • Clothing and footwear;
  • Household products;
  • Textile;
  • Jewelry (bijouterie);
  • Cosmetics;
  • Furniture.
  • With what goods you need to think over the scheme of work
  • Perishable goods and food;
  • Chemistry;
  • Goods under the order;
  • Technique;
  • Jewelry.

You can sell these goods, but you need to look at special cases and choose the right scheme of work. For example, goods on order can be sold according to the “From the seller’s warehouse” scheme. That is, not to deliver goods for storage to market, but to send them after receiving the order. We will help you figure out how to proceed with your product.

What you need to start.

Register with the tax office

For work, you need an LLC or IP. If you are working on a business with a partner, plan to attract investments, or want to sell the project later, then an LLC will suit you. If you work alone or just want to try it, it is better to start with an IP.

Product certification

You will need a certificate, a declaration of conformity, or a letter of refusal, depending on the product. To answer the question of what to do in your particular case, you need to know the category of the product, as there are nuances. You can find out if your product is subject to mandatory certification here. To do this, you need to find your product category or find out from us. The requirements are not as scary and expensive as they might seem. There are different solutions for different categories of goods.

Accommodation and content

If you already have photos, videos, and good text descriptions, that’s half the battle. The fastest and easiest way to register and list on market is through technology partners.

How can technology partners help?

Technological partners are independent teams of specialists who have been officially tested, certified, and cooperate with Ozon. Such partners bring sellers to the market for free and help them with sales for 10 months. Partners can help with:

  • Preparation of documents and registration on the market
  • Adding goods
  • Making deliveries
  • Stock control
  • Promotion of goods on the site
  • Advice on working with marketplaces

We are the official technology partner of Ozon – we help to enter the platform and build sales. Now it’s hard for Instagram sellers and to support the industry, we will help you free of charge with access to Wildberry as well.

After registering on the market, I prepared 10 articles and increased their number to 200 in a year. Now the business has become more predictable and planned. It is much easier to ship a large batch of goods and send them to market than to interact with each client individually. So there was more time to develop new models, build business processes, search for assistants and distribute responsibilities within the team.


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