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By | March 15, 2022

2021 is over – and we have already told you what new technologies surprised us. This time, Liga. Tech has concentrated on the conjectures of investigators from everywhere in the world and distributes the most fascinating tech for conventional buyers.

Home robot revolution

The Guardian does not promise that the uprising of domestic robots will happen as early as 2022. However, it is assumed that the introduction of the Amazon Astro home assistant to the market will set a trend that other manufacturers will pick up. If earlier such devices were single-functional – for example. A robot vacuum cleaner, then Astro will be the first general-purpose home robot at a price of about $ 1,000. Which implies their mass production.

Such an assistant will remind you of an unplugged iron and a hungry pet. Make a shopping list and order them in the store. He knows how to recognize faces and roam the house like a watchdog. Looking for those who should not be there.

The robot can turn into a decent ally for an older individual – it can gauge circulatory strain, heartbeat. And screen other wellbeing pointers. Astro has its personality, so it can evoke emotion, maintain reasonable dialogue, or simply entertain you

Growth of the market of “smart” devices

The first generation of smart devices most often performed fairly simple tasks. Let’s look at a specific example. In the beginning, smart TVs simply made it possible to connect to the YouTube and Netflix applications and watch online content, today they use the power of artificial intelligence to adapt the image to the area of the room and recognize voice commands.

The following stage is a significantly more customized way to deal with tackling ordinary issues. For instance, the capacity to freely change position and settings relies upon the place where the sunbeams on the TV screen.

Another trend is the ability of various home devices to interact with each other. In 2022, Matter innovation was made by Apple, Google, Amazon, and other significant producers. Should finally launch. This is an open standard for the smart home, which will unite all disparate devices into a common ecosystem and allow them to interact seamlessly with each other.

Gartner analysts predict that in 2022 the average smart home will include more than 500 smart devices. Also, the market for this merchandise will develop to $53 billion.

5G tech and other ultra-fast networks

5G capabilities will become the norm for mobile phones and other devices at all price points, not just premium and flagship products. This means higher resolution and higher bandwidth video services will become available, including 8K streaming, as well as cloud gaming and virtual reality. Present-day gadgets will decrease and be lighter as there will be no requirement for massive processors and designs chips – all estimations will be performed from a distance, and active information will be sent to buyer gadgets as a video transfer.

NFT, blockchain, tech, and digital twins

Brands such as Sony, Asics, and Coca-Cola have already announced their intention to become part of the NFT space. So shortly, we can expect the emergence of digital goods and services that will complement and expand the capabilities of conventional physical goods. Digital user experience is now as important a part of a business strategy for many companies as simply selling products to us.

Virtual Reality tech and the Internet of the Senses

Until recently, most users avoided virtual reality: they were scared off by heavy headsets and bad content. Shortly, both the first and the second will change.

Oculus sold about two million of its Quest 2 headsets in 2021 – and those numbers are set to rise over the next year. Also in 2022, mixed reality glasses may be released by Apple. As indicated by Bloomberg, it will have both AR and VR capacities. Also, this line of items should turn into the leader for the organization before long.

Developments also do not standstill. If the traditional Internet affects people through the two senses of sight and hearing, then in the future we will be influenced through touch, taste, and smell, creating an increasingly immersive virtual reality experience. Already, the indie game “Phasmophobia” gives its players a truly ominous effect of presence – the ability to feel the touch of ghouls and ghosts. To do this, clients should wear a material suit.

Network safety will be a higher priority than any time in recent memory in 2022. As technology advances, new loopholes and security issues emerge.

Above, we discussed “savvy” gadgets that will make the existence of an advanced individual significantly more agreeable. However, you need to take into account the fact that the protection of household appliances connected to the Internet is still imperfect. Experts predict that in the future there will be more cases when hackers try to access your phone and its data by connecting through your kettle or refrigerator.

Indie gaming renaissance

This year has been a remarkable one for indie games. This is the name given to games that are made by people or little gatherings of designers. And consequently don’t have monetary or specialized help from a significant game distributer. According to VG Insights, more than 50% of the indie games you can find on Steam haven’t generated even $4,000 in revenue for their creators. However, those in the top 1% earned more than $7 million.

Among the main hits of “Among Us” are “Garden Story”, “Sable”, “Valheim” and others. We will see even more strong games in 2022, because, according to experts, this sector is on the rise.

Generative intelligence in sales

Gartner experts suggest that very soon in product advertising we will see not real models, but generated by artificial intelligence. This will permit advertisers to make customized promotions for various crowds. Based on your tastes, they will slip you an artificially created image that will better help sell the product.

However, the possibilities of artificial intelligence will benefit not only salespeople but also ordinary fashionistas. Soon, technology will be able to recognize what celebrities or bloggers are wearing and collect similar sets of clothes from more budgetary goods from a photo. What awaits us in 2022.

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