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helix jump

On many occasions, we can see new games among the top of the download lists, which burst with great force, even though, for example, their graphics are nothing to write home about and even in some cases leave a lot to be desired. However, sometimes simplicity makes some games become true phenomena.

An example is Helix Jump, it has graphics that are just approved, it has become a truly mass phenomenon, thanks to its simplicity, playability and fun that it offers in large doses to all who try it.

A ball is the great protagonist of this game, where we will have to descend levels at full speed, pulling skill, patience in some cases and above all very fast movements so as not to reach the end of the game before time.

Keep in mind that not everything is as it seems and going down levels too quickly will only end the game early. In addition, the colours are not a pure coincidence that yes, we will let you discover for yourself.

It may not have a story behind it or graphics that are going to leave you speechless, but without a doubt, if you download it you will be able to have a huge dose of fun.

Have you already tried Helix Jump on your mobile device and have you managed to beat levels one after another?

The game was released around February 2018, after a very short period, it has been pushed and stayed at the top overall for a long time. Good thing Apple hasn’t featured it if you’ve been following VOODOO, they don’t have a lot of their games featured by Apple they just know how to promote games.

This game stayed at the top of the charts for a long time. Everyone knows that it is not difficult to get to the top of the charts, the difficult thing is to stay there. You can spend a lot of money to take any game to the top spot.

puzzle game

But let’s look at the game in the puzzle game where we spin. You should avoid pieces that are not coloured black like red for example. If your ball is yellow every time it hits the black ground, it will mark the black surface and bounce back, so you have to pass heat through the openings in each level (terrace) down the column. If you land on the red part, you will die. The lower level will be coloured yellow in the first level.

If you die, you’ll probably have to watch a video and then you’ll get a second chance, so don’t worry about that. In the following levels, you will change the colours of the ball and the pieces on the surface. Between levels, you will see some ads, but they won’t appear when you play. Understand that you get it and second the fact that it’s more of a puzzle game. As well as some of the mechanics that it has made it more interesting. That’s why it’s been able to retain its users and stay on the charts.

The game combines the elements of a very casual game with a puzzle piece element as well. And you are one of these puzzle game lovers who have this high retention.

VOODOO games

If you play the other type of VOODOO games like It’s very casual, it’s very easy, there’s no real puzzle. It can get stale after a while. While Helix Jump consistently stays in the top 20 of the general application start-up lists.

– Lots of fun without too much hassle. It’s free to download from both the App Store and Google Play. So you don’t have any excuses to try it out. Unlike other games, you’ll learn. How to play it in just a few seconds since the complications are minimal.


– ‘If you don’t like skill games and they make you think, look for another game on our website because with this one there is a danger that you will end up desperate’

– ‘Use your head and be patient if you want to beat levels in Helix Jump

– ‘Don’t try desperate crashes or you’ll end the game early’

– ‘Keep a close eye on your device’s battery level as power consumption is high and in the blink of an eye, you can run out of power. The battery in your smartphone.

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