Mobile Legends is to copy the equipment of a global

Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is one of the great phenomena of MOBA-type games and applications. If what you want is to know what it is about playing Mobile Legends, you are in the right place. A MOBA is an experience that consists of waging a multiplayer online battle or war, usually 5 against 5.

You must kill the enemies of the opposing team as well as knock down the enemy tower. Because you must not only fight in battle and kill, but also destroy towers.

Advantages of Mobile Legends

One of the advantages of Mobile Legends is that there are several types of roles, positions, and character types. This will make each game different. One of them is the Tank, which is called that because it is the one that must go in front of the team fight, it must deal with the first attack on the rival and absorb all the possible damage so that its teammates do not receive it.

Marksmen, on the other hand, are the heroes that are supposed to have the most physical damage and the goal is to kill them to weaken your opponent. They are the characters that can hurt the most.

Mages are very fragile, can’t hit as fast, and have skill damage. It is good that these are always accompanied. There is also the role of support, who oversees helping and healing his allies.

Combat role

The combat role is the most balanced, they kill well and can easily go alone in a lane and go into the jungle as well.

The assassins are heroes with a lot of damage and mobility, they are the ones who oversee killing and making objectives at the beginning of the game. They are not very hard to take down since the toughest ones are the tanks.

Every time a team has numerical superiority, objectives can be made to obtain experience. The Lord summons minions and makes them stronger when he appears in the lane most touched by the enemy. What you must do is pull the lines forward or go behind the Lord.

The items that must be purchased at the beginning will dictate much of what happens during the battle. A good tip or trick for Mobile Legends is to copy the equipment of a global top since they surely have more than tested it and it is a piece of equipment that will give good performance.

To start you can start with Leyla evil artillery that deals a good amount of damage.

In the upper left corner, you can see the map which has the modality known as 3 lanes. You can go up, through the middle, or take the path down. In this game there is usually a character in the middle, two above and two below.

The proposal developed by Moonton is mostly about preparing plans and strategies very carefully. You must take the life of the enemies little by little. We must use skills or basic blows without risking much.

Mobile Legends is free to download on phones running Android and iOS operating systems. As usually happens in MOBA titles, the important thing here is a skill, ability, and how good your strategy is when attacking. The one who spends the most money on extra content does not necessarily win.


The speed at which it allows you to feel the adrenaline of this type of delivery is very good since you can find battles in just 10 seconds. Once you are inside the field of play, the game lasts around 10 minutes. In addition, the controls to manage our characters are very simple and do not present any type of difficulty when it comes to controlling them. It has movement control on the left and what refers to abilities on the right.

For all fans of the popular computer genre, the chance to download Mobile Legends for free is a unique opportunity to carry out great battles with the best characters.

If you are a fan of battles of this type, you cannot pass up the opportunity to experience the best of MOBAs on your mobile.


-Good control configuration.

– Free download.

– A very popular style of play.

– Game speed.



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