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Everyone needs a little fun to relieve stress, anxiety, and stress. Therefore, everyone is looking for ways to improve their taste. The best way is to play games for fun. As we all know, cricket is the single most played sport in the world. What if you can get the best app to play live cricket with Score on Android along with entertainment and tips? Cricket is the most effective form of entertainment, especially for Asian people. If there is a game between Asia, not all Asians leave the TV. Everyone is watching the game with interest. Like an addiction, it needs to be renewed, shot by shot. People are addicted to the radio and the internet to update every ball. But, they have access to everything they need to know at a glance. So we have checked and found the best live cricket streaming apps for Android. With this app, you can also watch music.

In this blog, I will show you how to watch cricket matches using Android phones. There are various apps that allow you to watch live cricket matches using your Android phone for free. These are apps available on various websites and Google Play Store. You can download the apps from the links provided in this article.

List of android cricket apps live in 2022

With these apps, you don’t need to search for live numbers or listen to them on your radio. You will use these tools to get all the information you need at your fingertips. Let’s take a look at the tools we have for you.


Enjoy more than 60 live TV channels on four different platforms with NAYA TV.
Naya TV is an on-demand streaming service that makes it easy to browse live TV channels from any internet connection (Wi-Fi and 3G/4G). Enjoy all the latest movies, talk shows, news channels, kids’ shows, sports, movie channels, and much more! Now you can watch the latest entertainment anywhere, anytime, at the same time on your mobile phone (Android and iOS), on the web, and on Android TV.

Zong TV

Zong TV is a popular video streaming service that allows you to watch your favorite live TV channels as well as popular series and TV shows using Zong Data or Wi-Fi. Explore more than 40 TV channels of news, music, movies, and entertainment and movies. Go on. Enjoy watching news and streaming your favorite entertainment channels anywhere, anytime, only on Zong TV.


Enjoy Movies, Drama, Live TV, Sports, and News on Tamasha as we bring you a huge catalog of Sports, News, and Live Entertainment TV Channels, the best Pakistani movies with the best international, local and regional shows new. films for non-stop entertainment. In addition, we have launched live match shows and interview features on big matches and cricket events for you to enjoy and win big prizes.

Tamasha lets you browse, share and watch your favorite content anywhere, anytime. Access content via Wi-Fi and your mobile data (3G/4G) while you can also subscribe to a friendly premium plan that allows access to TV channels, movies, and specials.

HD Stream

HD Streamz is an Android app to watch all sports live. Many people use this app to watch sports. It is the most reliable app to watch live sports live on Android phones. There is a risk of data leakage on the phone. HD Streamz is a completely secure application. It supports live streaming of PSL, IPL is also available in this amazing app. It is an application that allows you to access different TV channels. You can watch movies with these apps. There are various options available in this app to select your favorite sports channel.

Users can watch live games without paying HD Streamz owners. It is completely free. Cricket still tops the list in the sports category. It gives you access to many channels around the world. This is a package designed for mobile device users. HD Streamz gives you access to more than 1000 channels around the world. It is possible to watch romantic movies, action movies, movies, and TV shows. Also, you can also watch wrestling which is the most popular show for people these days.

Hot Stars

Hotstar is one of the popular, trusted, and popular apps that provide you with all kinds of movies, TV shows, and exciting shows. Hotstar is an Indian app and it is one of the biggest movie streaming apps. All sports channels can be accessed on Hotstar and we are able to access all the channels in HD sports speed. If you are a fan of the IPL team, you must install Hotstar. Since Hotstar is the largest, most popular, and most reliable provider for you to watch cricket matches using Android phones.

If you are an iPhone user, Hotstar can also work with Hotstar on your iPhone. It’s not free, but some options are expensive, while the most common ones are free. Also, free cricket channels make it a perfect choice for sports lovers. The name was earlier “Hotstar” but now the name of the app will be “Disney + Hotstar”. If you live in Pakistan and want to watch the match on Hotstar Hotstar, you have to follow some steps to watch the match live.

Willow TV

Cricket is a game that we never want to miss, that’s why I created the Willow TV app for all the players. Willow TV is an app that can take your gaming experience to a whole new level. The main advantage of this application is the ability to watch the game on Chromecast. Another aspect is that the reminder is timely. You can set reminders on your favorite games, and it will let you know when the game will start. Some games are free while other basic games are in our premium selection.

If you want to watch all the games you want to watch, you have to buy an annual subscription. This gives you the perfect experience as an official channel because on Willow TV you can watch replays when the graphics are funny or interesting. If you are interested in the action on the pitch, you can choose to hide the expected score and watch the entire game. There are various options and options available from Willow TV.

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