In Gears 5 changes: Increasing our level of slaughter

By | February 19, 2022

It is placed among the best games and applications of this genre and now opens this universe to another dimension. In its previous titles, the objective was clear, to reach the end of each one of the screens killing all the bugs that were within range in an endless corridor. That rarely raised the question of choosing between one path or another. In Gears 5 these changes, now we can move freely from one place to another increasing our level of slaughter.

This successful series was always known as a good campaign game. A good story and lots of action, but I know it’s even better. Thanks to new mechanics that we haven’t seen before. You’ll be able to see bigger sections of the map than before. Where you can discover more objectives or find some relic weapons and things like that.

Levels of Gears 5

This world has four levels of Gears 5: two linear, in which you will have to go through a corridor. Another two in which The Coalition gives us the freedom to explore the map that it offers us without any type of restriction. For this, we will have help.

Going from one objective to another early on is fun because you have a crazy vehicle, but then you can start to get bored. But don’t worry, it’s still about the war, you will find some cool enemy types. You can challenge him, that depends on the difficulty mode you choose. In a nutshell, you could have everything in a single player.

In these two open acts, the objective will be to fulfill the main and secondary missions that are presented to you. You will find the first ones on the map. You will discover the second ones as you advance on the map, but don’t worry, they are easy to find.

You will have the help of Jack, Gears 5 a robot with special abilities that will be very useful to you, such as becoming invisible or finding weapons and ammunition that are out of your ratio. One of its advantages is that if it doesn’t receive orders in combat. It will work automatically helping you with the enemies.

Game mode

You just must find the game mode that suits you. Just like you can play slow and discover all these objectives or just go fast through the story, it’s all up to you. It doesn’t matter how you do it and it doesn’t affect the main story.

In the well-known Horde Mode, you have a team made up of five players and you must try to survive 50 waves of enemies to win. You will be able to choose between one of the numerous maps that are presented to you. The next mode is Escape, totally new, one mode is for three players and their task is to fight their way out of a building full of bugs that are filling up with poison by the minute. One of the advantages of this mode is being able to edit. Share the map with the rest of your teammates, so you can see how it evolves from the original to the craziest creations.

Probably these two are the most played, but some serve you in the rankings like King Of The Hill, where you must capture and hold the objective to win. Another is Ranked Games against players at the same skill level for weekly rewards.

Gears 5 is a good third-person action video game where you will gain a lot of experience. It is one of the best titles and one that lovers of the saga will enjoy without a doubt.


– Nice graphic

– Good story

– Open world

– Many multiplayer modes



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