Arena of Valor is that you can register as a guest or through a Facebook

By | February 19, 2022

Arena of Valor is a free download application that belongs to one of the most important game genres of the moment. Tencent Games’ proposal is a MOBA, also known as an online multiplayer battlefield in which a player can choose a single character and a team with a captain who will face another group of users to destroy the main structure of the base of the opponents. There are many examples of MOBAs, among which the most recognized are League of Legends, Dota 2, Vainglory, or Mobile Legends.

Arena of Valor is a free app

Arena of Valor is a free app that can be downloaded to mobile phones with Android and iOS operating systems at no cost. In-app purchases are then offered.

One of the advantages of Arena of Valor is that you can register as a guest or through a Facebook account. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to link all your friends who are part of the social network, on the other hand. You can always register as a guest and also keep the progress you have made.

Once you register, be alerted to choose a good nickname or nickname. This will represent you throughout the battles and you will not be able to change it later.

So now you’ve made it through boot camp and are ready to seek glory in Arena of Valor!

One of the most important options to consider when starting to play Arena of Valor is the camera distance. It will be very important that you organize a good modality to see the field of play that the application proposes.

Graphic section

The graphic section of the Tencent Games proposal is one of its most outstanding points. If you have an HD screen it will make a big difference, Arena of Valor is a high graphic quality game. You will want to run the FPS (frames per second) as high as possible. If you have the latest generation phone it should work perfectly. With the highest possible quality.

As usually happens in installments of these characteristics, we find a 5vs5 game in which they will wage a fight on a 3-lane map full of surprises and enemies. Arena of Valor controls is specifically configured to work properly on mobile.

The formation that your team has will be the most important point in this type of game. The members must occupy different roles each one that will make the strategy to win the victory. Downloading Arena of Valor for free will give us the chance to use a variety of more than 40 heroes with different classes, including tank, warrior, assassin, mage, marksman, and support. You must choose your hero well, always keeping in mind what style of play is your favorite to carry out.

Among the game modes of Arena of Valor, you can enjoy classics like First Blood, Double Kill, and Triple Kill. 5v5, 3v3, or 1v1 battles can be arranged. It also has a very entertaining alternative called “Hook Wars”. In this option, the fight takes place on a stage that represents a ship. The teams will face each other to dominate the territory to obtain important loot.

Transfer the emotion

The possibility of downloading Arena of Valor on our mobile allows us to transfer the emotion of a very popular genre to the palm of our hands. For this reason, the Tencent program has not only optimized its controls for this function. They have also developed a fast and accurate matchmaking system. You will be able to play epic battles in just a few minutes. In addition, each game lasts an average of 10 minutes.

Arena of Valor rewards skill over spending money. In other words, in-game purchases only provide cosmetic items. There will be no difference between users who decide to spend money or not within the app. Those responsible for the proposal seek to make it as balanced as possible.

If you’re a fan of this type of game, or if you haven’t discovered it yet, with Arena of Valor you have in your hands a great opportunity to have fun.


– Good control configuration.

– Free download.

– Good graphics.

– Quick games.



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