Amazon cut the potential of New World?

Amazon the New World

New World: walking and mining simulator. It’s an unbalanced MMO where players slowly and tediously level up. Same location, same enemies. Clumsy PVP system. And only a select group will have the opportunity to participate in a mass event in the “wall to wall” format. All this, as well as giant queues at the entrance to the server, were seen by the players during the launch of the game.

But if you dig deeper, behind all these dubious ideas you can find the basis of a great game! This game has well-developed and interesting lore. It’s just that he is in notes in huge locations that are boring to explore. And if you deliberately look for them, then an amazing and mysterious New World will open to the finder.

New World takes place on an island where death has no power. Having received mortal wounds, people return to life. They don’t age. Animals in the forest are always in abundance, the fields bring crops almost instantly. Here you can live without worrying about anything! This island can no doubt be called paradise!

Pack and Mount

If it wasn’t for the hell that’s going on here. Even in a place where no one dies, something beyond comprehension happens. If a person dies next to an animal, then he will have the distinctive features of this animal. Like the peasant who died next to the turkey and grew a feather. And these changes work both ways. So the fish with a conscious look frightened the fisherman who caught it. It is likely that the beasts also acquire humanity. Which makes hunting and eating them immoral. It also explains why pack and mount animals refuse to obey!

The resurrection itself also fails. Sometimes a person does not return completely – a certain particle of his personality is lost in the process. And this is repeated until he turns into a brainless shell. And the problems don’t end there! This shell is aggressive and attacks its former comrades. And this case is far from unique! Over time, the zombies become more and more until they begin to form entire groups.

In the beginning, people did not take these creatures seriously. They thought that these were ordinary zombies, which were easily destroyed by improvised means. But it was a mistake that cost them dearly! Zombies have not just retained the ability to use weapons and work in a team. They cynically and consistently exterminated their former comrades. They destroyed their supplies, set up ambushes, resorted to intimidation tactics. It was as if some sinister force was guiding their actions…

But that’s not all! Demons joined in the fun. Portals began to open everywhere, from which the creatures of the underworld poured out. And they brought with them the damage that destroys all life. This paradise island turned out to be a death trap.

Old-New World

New World is the colonization of America. It’s just that instead of Indian tribes, monsters appear. This setting provides almost limitless possibilities. Imagine the conquistadors who renounced crucifixion for personal enrichment. In the game world, if they saw an angry demon charging at them, they would clutch this crucifix with all their might, praying for salvation. It would be interesting to look at their history, their survival. I imagine such a scene: Cortes destroying his ships. This time, not for the sake of their ambitions, but to prevent the monsters from using them, sacrificing themselves nobly.

And it doesn’t have to be true history! You can conquer the island with the most unusual allies! Let’s say the British will destroy the monsters by shelling the shore from the ships. Under their cover, the Vikings on their longships swim up as close as possible to rush to the attack. And there the Russians are already holding the defense outside the walk-city …

Groups would form on the island itself. Some are here for treasure, others are on a crusade against the forces of evil. A group of people have taken up residence in the forests and deliberately die next to animals over and over again to become werewolves. And in the middle, an army of cultists settled that worships demons. And the player would be given the option to join one of those groups, which would affect the ending

Also, do not forget about the importance of flintlock weapons. It is rarely shown correctly in games. In New World, it is done perfectly! Rumble after the shot, smoke coming from the barrel. In any case, the harm fails to impress anyone. If the muskets in the game did more (and visible) damage but took longer to reload, then it would be ideal!


But this parody of the game turned out. Where players are pumped for a long time and tediously in locations similar to each other. Also, this is positively not “another world”! When roads are laid everywhere and there are fortified settlements, then what kind of world is this “new”?
Amazon had a great foundation, but they were chasing popular trends. And it was enough to make a game in the style of Gothic but in the realities of the New World. Use your resources to develop characters and opponents. Diversify locations, make interesting quests. Amazon would have enough funds for this! And one more thing: YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE MADE MMO FROM THE GAME!!!


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